Monday, November 18, 2013

Universal Technical Institute or Urinary Tract Infection?

Cold weather forced me to the treadmill. I'd rather run outside, but winter is just so... cold! The treadmill at the gym is one of the few places where I see commercials. One came on for Universal Technical Institute. Obviously, whoever came up with this name never had a Urinary Tract Infection, because if they had, they surely wouldn't have named their place of education after this unfortunate ailment. The man on the commercial spent thirty seconds singing the praises of UTI; all I could do was crave cranberry juice.

I don't think saying the full name of the institution is doing it any favors, either. Universal Technical Institute. Universal, really? Wow, that's pretty far reaching. I get that they needed something that sounded impressive, with a little kick to it, because Technical Institute is, well, a little technical. What's more impressive than Universal? And if you really want something with a kick, a Urinary Tract Infection might just do the trick. 

This is a good example of why you should test the title of ANYTHING out on a few people before you go to market. Otherwise, your message may not come across well when you assert, "UTI is right for you!"

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