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The Sylvie Series: Book 1 
One night of phenomenal sex isn’t enough to convince Sylvie that she should stay with Dave, her long-time boyfriend who borders on dull when not in the bedroom. When a set of twins moves in across the hall, Sylvie’s horizons broaden, though this pair might not turn out to be exactly what they seem. With a backdrop of inappropriate coworkers, a humping-addicted mutt, and a set of sexy suitors, SYLVIE AND THE SPARK is sure to please, in more ways than one. 

The Sylvie Series: Book 2 
Sylvie and Jonathan can’t keep their hands off each other. But a chill threatens to invade their bed as they deal with the stresses of in-laws and their upcoming wedding. Her future mother-in-law appears intent on sabotaging the nuptials (and sleeping with the staff), while Brent, her soon-to-be brother-in-law and former flame, desperately tries to get into the pants of her closest friends. Their relationship is put to the test with plenty of hilarity and naughtiness in SYLVIE SAYS YES, the second novella in The Sylvie Series. 

The Sylvie Series: Book 3 
When Sylvie catches Jonathan in a compromising position with one of his sexy students, hell breaks loose. She’s determined to stay firm and stay out of the bedroom until their relationship is sorted out, one way or the other, but the presence of a new coworker threatens both her resolve and her marriage. The hilarious cast of The Sylvie Series returns with mayhem and mischief in the third novella of The Sylvie Series, SYLVIE ON STRIKE.