Thursday, November 21, 2013

Reviews Rule the World

It’s true. And I think it’s for the better. Because that’s the culture of commerce we now live in, it can be hard to get a new product or voice off the ground. So, I’m asking for help. I would love to provide free content of my work to ten people who agree to give it an honest review. If you can carve out a few minutes of your day, please, help a girl out.

I’ll send you a pdf of Sylvie and the Spark. Take a look (it's short, a novella around 27K) and review it on Amazon. I’m only asking for honest, genuine feedback. Here’s the catch, Sylvie is an erotic comedy, so you have to be okay with a few graphic scenes and four-letter words. If that sounds like your kind of pleasure reading, please email me at If you write something along similar lines, I’d be happy to provide an honest review of your work, as well. 

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