Thursday, September 18, 2014

I'll Have What She's Having

I'm happy. And yes, I do feel like a room without a roof. I'm even happier than this gal...

Is that a clump of cilantro on her head? Seriously, what's going on there? Oh, well. I'm happy because my first collection has just been picked up by Excessica Books!

If you're not familiar with Excessica, it is one of the biggest and most successful publishers of erotica in the industry. In fact, when I wrote Hot Secrets, I took it straight to Excessica, but they weren't open to submissions at the time, which is why I self-published. Two years later, they reopened to submissions and immediately accepted Hot Secrets. It will be released by them in October.

So whoopedy-do! And pass the cilantro!

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