Thursday, November 7, 2013

Sylvie and the Spark - Sneak Peek

and the

Book one in the Sylvie Series

Gianna Day

Chapter 1

“You’re just so…” Dave looks into my eyes and runs his finger down my cheek.
Please don’t say pretty. Anything but pretty.
“You’re so…”
If you call me pretty for the thousandth time I’m going to try to gnaw my own face off just to ensure that I am no longer pretty.
“You’re so… pretty.”
“I am not pretty, Dave.” My voice is loud and edgy as I jump from the couch.
“But Sylvie, you’re so pretty.”
“I’m sorry,” I say, pacing back and forth in front of him. “I mean, thank you. Thank you for thinking I’m pretty. And I know this is our foreplay, that you tell me I’m pretty and touch my face, which truthfully has always struck me as just a little bit creepy. I mean, it’s almost a tickle, like you’re tickling my cheek and I think that’s weird. Is that weird? Is this just me?” I stop pacing and look at him for an answer.
“I could touch your arm first, would that be better?”
Resume pacing.
“No, Dave. Look, I have to be honest. We need to try something different.”
“Gosh, Sylvie. What if I called you beautiful?”
Don’t pull your hair out in front of him, he’ll be scarred for life.
“Dave.” I sit back down on the couch and hold his hands.
“Yes, Sylvie?” He looks like a second grader hoping someone will pick him for their kickball team.
“Could you just try to be less of a puppy?”
“Less of a puppy?”
He flashes his puppy dog eyes.
“You want me to be a kitty?”
“No, Dave. I don’t want you to be a kitty. I want you to be a tiger, Dave.”
“A tiger?”
“A tiger!” I stand back up. “I want you to be my big strong tiger and I want you to roar for me.”
“You want me to roar?”
I take off my shirt and bra, unbutton my jeans, stand before him, and cup my breasts.
“Show me what a tiger you can be, Dave.”
He stands up from the couch and speaks in a tone I’ve never heard before. It is deep and guttural and almost a growl. “I’ll show you what a tiger I can be.” He pulls my hips roughly into his. Then he slides one hand into my jeans and a finger inside me. With the other hand he cups my neck and puts his lips to my ear. And he whispers: “Roar.”
I actually whimper in response. He takes off my jeans and panties and then quickly removes his own clothes. This tiger thing is actually working, and if need be I will role play through an entire zoo of wild animals if that’s what it takes to get us out of our rut and into some hard core rutting.
“I’m going to fuck you like a tiger,” he says, and literally throws me down on the couch. I ignore the pain of what will later be a nasty bruise on my shin, because I don’t want to break what we have going.
“That’s right, Dave,” I whisper. “Give it to me.” I’m more excited than I’ve been in a long time. He comes to me on the couch, hovering over me as I wrap my legs around him. He leans down until his cock barely grazes me, but then pulls back. I’m aching and arching up for him. He does this again and I claw at his back.
I’m both fearful and hopeful that he’s going to keep up the tease. He leans his head down next to mine, whispers, “I’m a tiger,” and enters me with startling force.
I’m ready to settle in for a good long screw, but Dave has new life in him, which is a good thing for his sake. He uses one arm to brace himself against the couch and the other to scoop me up from under my waist. He’s still inside me as he pivots until he’s sitting upright on the couch and I’m straddled on top of him. With my hands on his shoulders I push myself slightly up and then sit down hard on his cock, grinding in with all I have. He moans, kneading my buttocks. I come down on him again and he leans forward to suck on my right nipple, before moving to the left, so as not to play favorites. My hips slow but move with the same force; I’m savoring every second of riding him. I should have asked him to be a tiger years ago.
He spreads his fingers wide and puts his hands on my sides, high at my ribcage. He uses his hands to guide me up and down and we begin to move faster. And for the love of all things naughty, I detect an orgasm in my future, that long departed but fondly remembered friend who lessened in frequency the longer Dave and I kept up this boyfriend-girlfriend thing. But I’m not dwelling on the past now. I’m rising up and coming down hard on Dave, who still has his I’m-a-tiger face firmly in place. When I come down on him I linger for a second and press hard before rising up again. I throw my head back and he reaches up, trailing his fingers along my neck and down my chest. I place my hands on his forearms; they are muscled and taut and suddenly sexy.
“Fuck me,” he says. And I do.
“Fuck me,” I say. And he does.
I ride him for only another minute before I feel a lightness in my toes. It rises up through my ankles and calves and knees and thighs. Sensation explodes through my cunt as Dave grits his teeth, moans and bucks up into me. He pulses inside me. We rock for a few more seconds before coming to rest. I want us to be here forever. I’m about to tell him that we should do this again, that I can’t believe we’ve broken new ground, that I want to laugh with him and love him and screw until we’re too sore to keep going. And then he looks up at me and raises his arm.
Don’t do it.
His finger trails my cheek.
Stay with me, Tiger. Come on, don’t turn puppy on me now!
“You’re so… pretty.”

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