Monday, December 2, 2013

Life Is More Important Than A Sequel

Paul Walker died two days ago. Two days. But the media are already running headlines about what will happen with the Fast and Furious movies. Who cares???

It's times like this when we have to remind ourselves that the media are neither human nor humane. The media are a machine.

Instead of speculation about the fate of another Hollywood movie, what if we instead look at a few other facts about this person's life (not his death):

  • he loved marine biology
  • he was a dad and apparently a nice guy
  • he helped victims of the 2010 Haiti earthquake 
  • he helped victims of the Haiyan typhoon
Worry over what happens to a movie franchise is disgusting. Instead, we should all still be worrying about the victims of Haiyan. If Paul Walker were here, I think he'd agree.

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