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I recently conducted an interview with Elaine Ambrose, author and contributor to the poetry collection DAILY EROTICA. In addition to writing erotic poetry, she is one of the funniest and most entertaining people I've met. Enjoy!

Gianna Day: When did you start writing erotic poetry?

Elaine Ambrose: I started writing erotic poetry because it was more fun than writing corporate annual reports. Instead of "maximizing shareholder value to achieve our strategized objectives" now I can write, "She gasped as he slowly moved the ice cube across her navel." 

GD: Do you write more for "you" or for "him"?

EA: I write from my perspective and the results usually please both of us. I know what I like and he loves to find out. 

GD: Do you find men and women respond to different content, do women like romance and men like it dirty, or is that just a stereotype?

EA: I think it's a stereotype to say men only respond to dirty trash. Unfortunately, that's all that many men have ever seen. It's amusing when 13-year-old boys sneak peeks at girly magazines but it becomes pathetic when grown men rely only on pornography to feel sexual. Men can be romantic with the proper stimulation and encouragement. 

GD: In addition to Daily Erotica, you wrote Menopause Sucks. Does age have an impact on the erotic side of life? For better or worse?
EA: Age can impact how women feel about their bodies and that can make them feel less sexy so they are hesitant to get intimate. No one really wants to discuss vaginal dryness, sagging skin, loss of libido, and weight gain. Fortunately, there are medications that can help with dryness and libido. As for skin and weight, it's good to exercise regularly to get in shape to have the strength and stamina to make love for hours. And, don't forget soft candlelight, mood music, and a few glasses of wine. After all that, both of you will be irresistible. Remember that the partner is aging too, and passion isn't limited to the young. Age brings a certain confidence because there are no more games to play. And, most important, I guarantee that multiple orgasms are better at midlife than they are in your twenties. Trust me!

GD: What turns you on?

EA: I get turned on several ways: different positions, no pajamas, looking eye-to-eye during playtime, and knowing we both equally enjoy passion. As for fun and creative ideas, I wrote a poem in Daily Erotica titled "The Reverse Plank." It's definitely not about the missionary position. 

GD: What turns you off?

EA: Not much turns me off. I'm ready to go with a few creative touches, much like a clown in a jack-in-the-box. Of course, that's only with my partner.

Hey Jack, what's in the box?

GD: What are you working on now?

EA: I am writing a non-fiction book titled Midlife Cabernet that contains essays about life, love, and laughter at midlife. Full-bodied, bold, and sophisticated isn't referring only to good wine!

GD: Do you blog? Where can people find you?

EA: Find my blog "Midlife Cabernet" at my web site The blog also is published on,, and Jennings Wire. I'm active on Facebook, Linked In, and my Twitter handle is @AmbroseElaine. My publishing web site is I honestly say that my love life gets better every day - and night...

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